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Checkout Screen
Select payment type (Credit Card or Paypal) and enter required information - then click "Next".

Note: If you are downloading a Free design - you will not be asked to select a payment method.

Next - Order Confirmation
If you are a first time shopper with the Palace Store you will be asked to enter your "Billing Address. Once you have entered the required information you must agree to the "Terms of Service". Then click "Send Registration at the bottom of the page.

Next - Checkout

Enter the Palace Store.

Select an item and Click the "Add to Cart" button. If you are on a Product Details page, you will need to scroll towards the bottom to find the button. If you are on a category page - look to the right hand side and you will see an "Add to Cart" button for each item in the list.

This image shows the "Add to Cart" button on the "Pieced Block" category page.

Once you have clicked the "Add to Cart" you should see a page that looks
like the image below. Click on "Checkout" (outlined in orange) to proceed.


If you are a first time shopper at the Palace Store you will be asked for your "Billing Address"

If you are a returning shopper you will proceed directly to the "Checkout" Screen

You will Register and Log into our system from the left side menu bar.

If you have not registered with the site - please do so by clicking the "Register Link" that is located below the "Login" box (outlined in orange).

If you have registered, login by entering your Username and Password and then clicking the "Login" button.