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I have read through this website - and I don't get it. Can you explain the concept for me?

Our designs are totally pieced and quilted in your embroidery hoop. All edges become part of 1/4 inch seams so there is no embroidery necessary to hide unfinished seams.

The magic is in the hoop means that all of the math and fabric placement requirements are part of the design. This ensures that your points are always spot on an your alignment is perfect whether you make one block or 40 blocks.

Here is how the design files work -

You start by sending a design to your machine.

Then you hoop a piece of stabilizer and attach your embroidery hoop to your machine.

The first part that you will stitch out are the stitching and cutting for the finished block or block section that you are working on.

Next step will be to to stitch out a placement guide. You will use this guide to align your fabric.

Next you will stitch out the seam line for the piece(s) of fabric you have added.

Flip and press the pieces you just added and you are ready to stitch out the next placement line.

This process continues until your entire block has been pieced. Batting and backing are added followed by quilting stitches to complete the block. All steps take place inside your hoop.

So the results at the of end each of each design are a completely pieced, batted, backed and quilted block.

Each design has an instruction guide with a photo of every step. The blocks also include separate instruction files that show you how to put the blocks together.