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You always have a reference to “Flip and Press” the seam allowance after a stitching line has been added. My craft iron is to big and I can’t get it to fit around my presser foot. What should I do?

Pressing your seam allowances is an important part of creating perfectly pieced quilt blocks and should never be skipped. If you are having trouble reaching the seam - try one of the following ideas:

  • Change your hoop position to “Cut” this should move your hoop towards you and away from machine head allowing the room you need for your iron to do it’s job.
  • Remove your hoop from your machine, If you choose this option - you may as well trim your thread ends from the backside before re-attaching your hoop to your embroidery unit.
  • Remember - Always use a pressing pad to protect your machine when you are pressing a seam while your hoop is attached to your embroidery unit. Remove your pressing pad before continuing.
  • When constructing blocks that have multiple sections, adding a light spray of Mary Ellen's Best Press is very helpful in getting your seams to lie flat.