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I am trying to register at your website and the menu bar is in the wrong place. How can I fix this so that I can see all of the informaiton.
The issue that you had is related to the actual size of your web page.

A 2 part image appears below. The image shows both the problem and the fix.

Image 1 shows the field information that you need is covered up by the left side menu bar. You should see a red box that identifies the bottom right corner of your page. If you hover over the corner with your mouse - your mouse selection indicator should turn to  double arrow <—>. Once you have the double arrow - drag the page edge about a ¼ inch to the right and your menu bar should snap into the correct position. If you look at the right side of the portion of the image labeled “2” - you will see the tiny amount of movement needed to make everything work.

There is a great rush right now for websites to become “Responsive” to all of the different device types people are cruising the web with. I think it is by the end of this month that Google search will penalize non responsive websites. Responsiveness has been built in by identifying screen image sizes and changing how the data is presented base upon the screen size of the display one is using. All this has been done - without telling end users like yourself. If your browser page size does not meet the size defined by the websites - your viewing experience becomes compromised.

More than likely - and unknown to you at the time - you accidentally changed your page size from the actual browser default size to something small fraction smaller. The tugging at the right side should fix the issue for most responsive websites as we built our website with the default settings.

Please let us know if the suggestion does not eliminate your issue please contactsupport@thiswebsite