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I made a mistake cutting and didn’t notice it until I sewed out the next placement guide. Do I need to remove the strip and start over?

There is no substitute for precise cutting when it comes to quilting. However, there is a bit of flexibility built into Queen of Stitching designs. Before any quilt block construction/assembly commences the actual stitching lines for your block are stitched out as guides.

If your fabric strip (the one that has been cut to short) covers the stitching line by at least 1/8” - you get a free pass. You are however, required to promise yourself that you will be more careful the next time you cut.

If your fabric strip does not cover the stitching line by at least 1/8” … find your seam ripper and have at it. Then cut a new strip of fabric that is the correct size, return to the correct color break and continue. 

Remember, experience is the best teacher. Once you have corrected this kind of an error you will be less likely to repeat it.

Note: Sooner or later most of us will make this error.