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I have seen the term "Next Generation Quilting and Embroidery" used several times while roaming around your website. I have never heard this term before. What does it mean?

Short Answer:

Next Generation Quilting means complex quilting tasks are Quick &  Easy!


Long Answer:

Computers have been infiltrating the home sewing world for better than a decade and most avid sewers are familiar with the dramatic changes that have taken place in the embroidery category.


But What About Quilting?

Evolutionary changes have quietly been taking place in the quilting world as well. Queen of Stitching developers have built on these advancements to create a new technology that makes real quilt blocks in your embroidery hoop. With Queen of Stitching you will never find an unturned edge that needs to be covered with additional stitching.

Every block you make is guided towards perfection by the computerized design you send to your sewing machine.

Block after block after block 

precisely pieced in the hoop and totally quilted in the hoop means:

  • Quilt blocks that are ALWAYS the same size

  • Points that are ALWAYS sharp

  • Precise piecing that is ALWAYS perfectly matched

  • Stitched cutting lines ensure your final trims are ALWAYS square

  • Quilt blocks don’t stretch out of shape when you press them

  • Fabric cuts are all small strips so you can use up the littlest treasures in your stash



Quilting has never been Sew Fast • Sew Fun • Sew Flawless • Sew Downright Easy

& Sew Guaranteed to Put a Smile on Your Face!