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Real quilts are designed with 1/4 inch seam allowances. What do Queen of Stitching blocks use?

Although many of the techniques we use have been modernized to deliver what we call  “Next Generation” piecing or quilting - Queen of Stitching designers adhere to “Traditional Quilt” values.

As a rule - the distances you will find between our fabric placement guides and our stitching lines are 1/4”. Occasionally, depending on the angle of the placement or the position of the placement, our instructions may call for using a fabric strip that when sewn into position, extends more than 1/4” beyond the adjoining stitching line. The decision to use a bit of extra fabric is intentional as it makes correctly positioning the fabric strip easier. The extra fabric will make no difference in your final result.

If you find the idea of occasionally exceeding the 1/4” directive to be troubling - by all means trim the excess fabric back to 1/4’ after you have stitched the adjoining placement guide.