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How Can I combine Queen of Stitching quilt blocks and blank (un-pieced) blocks in the same quilt layout.

I have been really impressed by how quickly and precisely my Queen of Stitching blocks sew out. My newest quilt layout uses both Queen of Stitching pieced in the hoop blocks and blank (un-pieced) blocks. I am afraid that if I quilt the blank blocks by hand or machine they will take to long to finish and will not match the Queen of Stitching blocks. Is there a way that I can make a quilt sandwich and use my embroidery unit to complete the quilting process "in the hoop"?

Every block you purchase from Queen of Stitching includes a BONUS file that contains an interchangeable machine quilting matching or coordinated solid block. Additionally, The Palace Store has an ever expanding selection of machine quilting patterns that are also interchangeable with the entire Queen of Stitching library.