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Where Did the Idea for Queen of Stitching Come From?

Did you ever go to a quilt exhibition, peruse a online quilt gallery or sit through Show and Tell at your favorite quilt guild? If you have  - you will know that the one constant among quilt makers through the ages has been their overwhelming inability to produce squared quilts.

A perfectionist at heart, I want my finished quilts to be as perfect as the thought, design and love that I put into into creating them. Yet as a quilt maker, I know how hard one can try to make a perfectly squared quilt and still miss by miles.

In order to make squared, flat quilts I understood that you must begin with squared and flat blocks.

Sadly, me, my sewing machine, my iron and all of the quilt paraphernalia that I have amassed over the years - could not consistently make squared or flat blocks - no matter how hard I tried.

Queen of Stitching blocks are my solution to this timeless problem.  They are always precisely pieced, have perfect points and are fully quilted when I remove them from my embroidery hoop. I can't stretch my fabric because I ironed instead of pressed. All blocks finish square and lie flat. And the newest innovations for joining quilt blocks in the hoop is unequaled in the quilting world!

We Love Queen of Stitching Blocks … BECAUSE THEY WORK!