ViviLux 3-in-1 Rechargeable GREEN Laser System

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If you have been searching for an accurate alignment method to add to your sewing and craft space without purchasing new machines – the Vivlix Green Laser may be just what you need.

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The ViviLux® 3-in-1 Rechargeable Green Laser System is a great addition to any Embroidery, Sewing or Quilting machine. The Green Alignment and Placement Laser is much brighter than the Red version, helping you find your exact starting point, create straight lines without a guide, and center your designs in brighter room light. The laser attaches to your machine with Velcro or works as a standalone and comes with three different easily changeable lenses (dot, line or cross-hairs) screw onto the laser by hand, no tools needed.


The ViviLux 3-in-1 Sewing Machine Laser Guide System allows you to set the guide up any where you need it on your machine and it will be displayed across the entire bed.


The ViviLux 3-in-1 Sewing Machine Laser Guide System is rechargeable. Takes 3 hours to charge, super slow discharge rate so the laser lasts a long time.


This truly portable laser affixes anywhere. Flexible arm allows you to position the laser exactly where needed.


The roll of 100 Accurate Alignment stickers are the perfect sewing aid. Low tack sticker works equally well on light and dark fabrics. Reposition as needed then sew through the sticker and tear-away. Stickers will not gum up your needle.

Included in the kit:

Bright Green Laser with Dot, Line, and Cross Hairs screw in lens heads
Rechargeable battery (3 hour charge time)
100 Accurate Alignment Stickers (Replacements Available)
USB charging cable + Wall Plug – plug into wall or machine to charge

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